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Grid Sky SecureGRID

Multi-platform (server, desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) operating environment that allows any endpoint to provide or consume scriptable services to or from any other endpoint in the grid. Grids can be setup on-the-fly and are completely managed in a security/access envelope.

SecureGRID introduces a transactional commerce model that provides your corporate infrastructure, business partners, and customers with the ability to monetize mobile services and data via secure, on-the-fly networks.

MAIL.DAT Converter

Inputs files of various formats, then maps and produces the required MAIL.DAT dataset that can be uploaded to the USPS.

TVGemini Digital Ad Campaign Manager

A pay-on-demand service bus that provides comprehensive inventory, scheduling, post reconciliation, and traffic interfacing services. Write your own interface, or use our built-in web interface which provides full access to all services. None of the services require Nielsen ratings data. Provide high-quality, brandable presentations to your customers as needed without having to pay the recurring expensive fees demanded by Nielsen or other pre-buy software vendors.

Diceware Passphrase Generator  - Generate  passphrases of
different strengths.